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BTSA Calendar 2023

May  - December 2023 at Gore Meadows and Riverstone Community Centre 95 Don Minaker Dr, Brampton, ON L6P 2V7 (July & August only)

Important events and its dates

  1. 7th Aug 2023 Civic holiday. No gathering at Riverstone community centre

  2. Aug 2023 Pot luck party at Chinguacousy park (Date to be decided)

  3. 22nd Oct 2023 BTSA 10th Anniversary celebration

  4. 16th Oct 2023 Navarathiri Gore Meadows (To be confirmed)

  5. 11th Dec 2023 Christmas celebration Gore Meadows (To be confirmed)

*In person one hour Yoga and meditation classes on every Mondays at 09:30 AM are arranged. Members can  get benefits for their body and soul.

*In person Carnatic music class by a professional teacher is being arranged on every Mondays between 2PM and 4PM for seniors.*

*In person keyboard music class by a professional teacher is being arranged on every Thursdays between 1PM and 3PM for seniors. Starting on 14th Sep 2023

In person seminars by a professional Doctors and experts in medical and mental health are being arranged on every Mondays between 11AM and 12PM for seniors.

Mondays at Gore Meadows unless otherwise stated above. (Please see the note below)

Monday get together. General activities. Yoga, Meditation, Tablet class, Carnatic music class, ,  Pickleball, lunch

Thursdays at Gore Meadows unless otherwise stated above. (Please see the note 1 below) 

Thursday morning Keyboard practice (group and individual), Karaoke practice, National anthem,  தமிழ் மொழி வாழ்த்து, கழக கீதம் practice, Keyboard classes in-person (Starting on 14th Sep 2023)

English classes for seniors , Details to follow

Outreach by Radio broadcast unless otherwise stated above. (Please see the note 4 below) 

Tuesdays and Saturdays  8.00PM to 10.00PM. Members can participate in the radio programme hosted Yugam Radio Yugam Radio – Listen Tamil Hits 24×7 dialing 416-455-4343 647-745-4343


Please visit this page regularly to keep updated about all events at BTSA 

  1. In case there is important event is scheduled the regular Mondays and Thursdays events will followed as in the agenda of that event.

  2. ​In case there is change in the class, the change will be announced. 

  3. In case there is change such as additional class, time change, keyboard rehearsal the change will be announced promptly.

  4. Time of the radio program may be altered depending on broadcaster or request by BTSA

  5. Due to unavailability of the Gore Meadows Hall #2 during July and August every year, our gathering will be modified. Members will be informed how gathering will take place

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